Thermalay Blanket Uses

Thawing - Curing - Heating

foundationThermalay’s line of ground thawing and concrete curing heated blankets take the sting out of any cold weather construction project. Effectively cure bridge decks, tilt-up, precast, block walls, footings, flat work, masonry walls, decorative concrete and much more. Preheat sand, gravel, asphalt cold patch and roofing materials, while keeping all of your materials dry.

Thermalay heated blankets make it easy for you to reduce downtime and keep people on the job, while saving time, money and labor in the process.

Drums, Totes and Palleted Materials

palletWith Thermalay heated blankets, you can heat, insulate and protect a wide range of drums, buckets, totes and construction materials much more effectively and with considerably less energy than conventional band heaters. And there’s no longer any need for hazardous heating belts and bulky warming ovens.

Fast, easy and affordable. With Thermalay heated blankets, you get all three.

Tanks and Silos

silosThermalay heated blankets offer year-round freeze protection for outdoor storage tanks and silos. They protect temperature sensitive liquids including water, fuel, chemicals and food products, while maximizing flow control.

Custom Sizes and Shapes

The Thermalay heated blanket is the only fully customizable heated pad in the professional market. Need a special size or shape, or have an unusual application which calls for a special fit? Let us know and we will help you design just the right solution. We have provided electrically heated blankets for a wide variety of construction, highway and masonry projects. In recent years, roofing contractors, electricians and plumbers have used our product to keep working all winter long. See the Thermalay blanket difference, and learn about our exclusive ThermaTech manufacturing process.

Standard Sizes and Specs

Need it fast? Our standard sizes are perfect for masonry and road construction projects of all kinds. Select from a size below, and contact one of our distributors to place your order.

Standard Sized Thermalay Electrically Heated Pads
Size Voltage Amperage Weight
NEW: 6' x 25' 110 v only 17.6 amp ~39#
9' x 15' 110 or 120 v 19 or 12 amp ~39#
4 1/2 x 30' 110 or 120 v 19 or 12 amp ~39#
9' x 9' 110 v only 10 amp ~24#
4 1/2 x 15' 110 v only 8 amp ~20#
9' x 27' 220 v only 20 amp ~85#
55 gal. drum 110 v only 3 amp ~12#