The Thermalay Difference

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What separates Thermalay Heated Blankets from all other products on the market? ThermaTech. It’s our exclusive manufacturing process that allows heat to be distributed in the most uniform and energy-efficient manner throughout the entire blanket surface. thermalay This even temperature helps retain moisture and reduce efflorescence to give you a higher-grade finished product. The ThermaTech Process ensures that every Thermalay heated blanket is of the highest quality and ready for use on the coldest days.

With ThermaTech, you can be assured that your most temperature-sensitive materials will be safe and protected at all times in the coldest climates whether you’re heating, thawing, curing or insulating.

Hey, where is the thermostat?

That is a common question. Here is the simple answer. Unlike many competing products, Thermalay Electrically Heated Pads don't require a thermostat. The outdoor ambient air temperature is the controlling factor. Thermalay blankets will maintain a temperature below the blanket of 50° F to 60° F above the ambient air temperature. More than enough to thaw ground, keep materials warm on a pallet, cure concrete and mortar and basically, make winter work possible for contractors.

Thermalay is available in any custom shape or size.

The Thermalay heated blanket is the only fully customizable heated pad in the market. Need a special size or shape, or have an unusual application which calls for a special fit? Let us know and we will help you design just the right solution. We have provided electrically heated blankets for a wide variety of construction, highway and masonry projects. In recent years, roofing contractors, electricians and plumbers have used our product to keep working all winter long.thermalay logo small

Standard Sizes and Specs

Need it fast? Our standard sizes are perfect for masonry and road construction projects of all kinds. Select from a size below, and contact one of our distributors to place your order.

Standard Sized Thermalay Electrically Heated Pads
Size Voltage Amperage Weight
NEW: 6' x 25' 110 v only 17.6 amp ~39#
9' x 15' 110 or 120 v 19 or 12 amp ~39#
4 1/2' x 30' 110 or 120 v 19 or 12 amp ~39#
9' x 9' 110 v only 10 amp ~24#
4 1/2' x 15' 110 v only 8 amp ~20#
9' x 27' 220 v only 20 amp ~85#
55 gal. drum 110 v only 3 amp ~12#