Construction and Utilities

utilities trenchThermalay heated blankets are increasingly used in the construction trades and by utility providers for in a variety of industrial applications. One of the most common is ground thawing in preparation for digging or trenching. Utilities are located, then a Thermalay blanket is applied to thaw the surrounding ground. When workers return, the digging or machine trenching goes much more smoothly. Electrical installation, cable or fiberoptic lines, plumbing, telephone lines and similar utilities have all benefitted from the winter use of Thermalay heated blankets in cold climates.

One of the biggest challenges in the construction industry it staying in the field during the coldest months. Thermalay blankets can be custom made to create enclosures to keep tools, palletted materials, sand, mastic or adhesives, silicone, and other vital construction materials ready for the day's work. When you need to protect pipes and expensive hydraulic systems from freezing, Thermalay heating blankets get the job done flawlessly every time.

tractorThermalay blankets deliver uniform heating and temperature control to generators, compressors, pumps, IBC totes, metal or poly drums. So pumping and pouring is easier than ever. And Thermalay blankets are the safest way to maintain temperature for oil, chemicals, and water, both in the warehouse or outdoors.

For the most efficient method for freeze protection and viscosity control, look no further than Thermalay heated blankets. Get your crews back to work this winter.

Standard Sizes and Specs

Need it fast? Our standard sizes are perfect for masonry and road construction projects of all kinds. Select from a size below, and contact one of our distributors to place your order.

Standard Sized Thermalay Electrically Heated Pads
Size Voltage Amperage Weight
NEW: 6' x 25' 110 v only 17.6 amp ~39#
9' x 15' 110 or 120 v 19 or 12 amp ~39#
4 1/2' x 30' 110 or 120 v 19 or 12 amp ~39#
9' x 9' 110 v only 10 amp ~24#
4 1/2' x 15' 110 v only 8 amp ~20#
9' x 27' 220 v only 20 amp ~85#
55 gal. drum 110 v only 3 amp ~12#