Concrete and Masonry Finishers

foundation for houseNever let another cold day stop you from pouring concrete or finishing masonry. Thermalay heated blankets give you the heat you need to speed up your construction jobs all winter long.

Thermalay blankets thaw frozen ground to make trenching, digging and pouring concrete much easier. The extra warmth allows for faster curing, while preventing cracking and uneven drying. You can even pour without having to build enclosures and provide additional heat.

working in concrete formThermalay heated blankets are effective over a wide range of concrete finishing and masonry applications including: slabs, flatwork, tilt-up, precast, block walls, footings, concrete countertops, masonry chimneys, bridge decks, highway barriers, sidewalks and driveways, foundations, floors, brick and glass block. They can also be used to warm sand piles and gravel, and to keep bag or bucket materials warm on pallets. Grocery, convenience and liquor stores, restaurants and distribution centers can use Thermalay blankets while repairing concrete flooring under large commercial refrigerators, and still use the coolers while the repair cures. There’s no open flame with Thermalay blankets, which eliminates the need for expensive propane.

Protect your concrete from freezing and repeated freeze-thaw cycles. Thermalay Heated Blankets stop cold weather cold.

If you have a special application, or need custom sizes, be sure to contact your nearest distributor for more information. Since 1965, Concrete Curing Technology has built custom Thermalay blankets in a wide variety of sizes and custom shapes.

Our stocking distributors can ship quickly from standard sizes suitable to many projects for masons and concrete contractors.

Don't let a cold spell stop your projects, keep building with Thermaly Electrically Heated Pads.

Standard Sizes and Specs

Need it fast? Our standard sizes are perfect for masonry and road construction projects of all kinds. Select from a size below, and contact one of our distributors to place your order.

Standard Sized Thermalay Electrically Heated Pads
Size Voltage Amperage Weight
NEW: 6' x 25' 110 v only 17.6 amp ~39#
9' x 15' 110 or 120 v 19 or 12 amp ~39#
4 1/2' x 30' 110 or 120 v 19 or 12 amp ~39#
9' x 9' 110 v only 10 amp ~24#
4 1/2' x 15' 110 v only 8 amp ~20#
9' x 27' 220 v only 20 amp ~85#
55 gal. drum 110 v only 3 amp ~12#