Industries Served

Concrete and Masonry Finishers

Leveling concrete padNever let another cold day stop you from pouring concrete or finishing masonry. Thermalay Heated Blankets give you the heat you need to speed up your construction jobs all winter long.

Thermalay blankets thaw frozen ground to make trenching, digging and pouring concrete much easier. The extra warmth allows for faster curing, while preventing cracking and uneven drying. You can even pour without having to build enclosures and provide additional heat.

Thermalay Heated Blankets are effective over a wide range of concrete finishing and masonry applications including: slabs, flatwork, tilt-up, precast, block walls, footings, bridge decks, sidewalks and driveways, foundations, floors, brick and glass block. They can also be used to warm sand piles and gravel, and to keep bag or bucket materials warm on pallets.

Protect your concrete from freezing and repeated freeze-thaw cycles. Thermalay Heated Blankets stop cold weather cold.

Highway and Bridge Builders

Cement worker on bridge projectAs highways and bridges deteriorate, they require maintenance, which is extremely difficult to accomplish during cold temperatures where the ground is frozen. Temperature-sensitive materials and machinery can be highly problematical during winter months causing delayed or unacceptable maintenance, challenging road crews, and adding untold millions to repair costs.

Concrete Curing Technology’s heating solutions keep highway department crews on schedule even during the coldest temperatures. Federal, state and local governments depend on our Thermalay Heated Blankets to help prolong the life of highways and bridges.

Thermalay Heated Blankets melt snow and ice, warm surfaces for pouring or patching, thaw ground prior to pouring or trenching, reduce cure time, protect materials and machinery from extreme temperatures, and prevent rapid drying and cracking. Even cold asphalt and other “cold patch” products are much easier to work with when preheated with Thermalay blankets.

Construction and Industrial Heating

Tractor at construction siteWhen you need to keep your project on track and on budget, accept no substitutes. Thermalay heated blankets from Concrete Curing Technology are the obvious choice.

Thermalay blankets deliver uniform heating and temperature control to generators, compressors, pumps, IBC totes, metal or poly drums, gas cylinders and tanks. So pumping and pouring is easier than ever. And Thermalay blankets are the safest way to maintain temperature for fuel, oil, chemicals, and water, both in the warehouse or outdoors.

For the most efficient method for freeze protection and viscosity control, look no further than Thermalay Heated Blankets.


roofer shinglingCold weather and winter temperatures can create major headaches for roofing contractors, both in terms of frozen product and delayed projects. The list of roofing materials that need pre-heating is extensive: spray foam, shingles, coatings, caulk, paint, adhesives, sealants, asphalt, bitumen, slate, foam and more.

Thermalay Heated Blankets put an end to temperature-related roofing problems and construction delays by allowing safe and effective preheating of materials and tools, whether they’re outdoors or in a warehouse. So everything is ready when you are.

Oilfield Services

oil field workerWhen an oilfield suffers downtime due to frozen or broken lines and equipment, costs skyrocket. That’s why freeze protection is critical to ensure optimal flowability. Thermalay Heated Blankets provide it like nothing else.

Thermalay Heated Blankets heat and insulate tanks, trucks, wellheads, manifolds, pumps, pipelines, machinery and equipment, frac tanks, filtration systems, tubing, and motors — protecting them from the most extreme weather.

Because Thermalay blankets are a snap to install and uninstall, there’s no longer any need to tear everything off and start from scratch when making repairs. Which can save you thousands on expensive crews and heat trace systems.

So when cold weather threatens to disrupt your oilfield operations, Thermalay Heated Blankets keep everything flowing in the right direction.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

When temperatures hit the freezing mark, containers and pumps used with g diesel exhaust fluid can be at serious risk. Thermalay Heated Blankets are the best way to mitigate the situation.

Thermalay blankets provide a warm environment against extreme weather in very cold climates. They can protect pumps and pump housing, hoses, nozzles, valves and holding tanks. Thermalay Heated Blankets provide a highly dependable and affordable heating solution for DEF storage and distribution.

Spray Foam Applicators

When you’re trying to apply spray foam during winter or in cold weather locations, things can get sticky. Literally. If you don’t stay strictly within the manufacturer’s temperature specifications, your equipment can get all gummed up.

Thermalay Heated Blankets can keep you up and running by accurately heating spray foam cylinders, drums, polyurethane chemicals and containers prior to application.

So you get increased yields, reduced waste, and the confidence of knowing that you’ll continue to make money all winter long.

Standard Sizes and Specs

Need it fast? Our standard sizes are perfect for masonry and road construction projects of all kinds. Select from a size below, and contact one of our distributors to place your order.

Standard Sized Thermalay Electrically Heated Pads
Size Voltage Amperage Weight
NEW: 6' x 25' 110 v only 17.6 amp ~39#
9' x 15' 110 or 120 v 19 or 12 amp ~39#
4 1/2' x 30' 110 or 120 v 19 or 12 amp ~39#
9' x 9' 110 v only 10 amp ~24#
4 1/2' x 15' 110 v only 8 amp ~20#
9' x 27' 220 v only 20 amp ~85#
55 gal. drum 110 v only 3 amp ~12#